What to do with our negative thoughts?

Are you trying to have a positive mindset by pushing the negative away?

Did you know that every negative thought contains a specific message?

So, every negative thought is like a messenger and until the message is opened, the messenger waits patiently for you to listen. So, when you step away from negative thoughts coming from your ego, which is ideal to control your mental space and to better manage your energy, you still have to take the time at some point to open the message that the messenger was showing, trying to get your attention whenever there was a small gap between your other thoughts. You know that little thought that keeps coming back?

The message is about something that you are not well aligned with your Inner Self, so there is an inharmony between your ego and your Soul or your mental space and your heart. It doesn’t matter which term you prefer to use. And once you open the message, the messenger goes away, that negative thought goes away… on its own.

Then, you have to deal with what the message was. Sometimes it is super simple and sometimes it is a little more complex and you have to take care of it in small steps.

Sometimes we know how but we just did not take our responsibility, we did not want to listen to ourselves. Sometimes we have to understand a little more how to take care of it. Meditation, prayer, journaling, seeing a therapist or seeking medical professional help may be necessary to understand the message correctly.

Sometimes, better understanding your ego and your mental space can also help to see what type of misalignment you may have with your Self.

Our inner Self is pure positivity so it is just a matter of false perception that we have, false belief that we continue to feed, ego-based perceptions and beliefs, and we might get stubborn about being right and wanting to believe that there is only one perception and one belief that is good.

And it is possible that the messenger comes back with the same negative thought for the same subject. That’s simple! It means that it is not yet completely settled or transmuted or transformed into understanding with a new perception and with a new belief that contains more compassion, empathy, love and non-judgment.

Today, I invite you to, yes, step away from your ego-based thoughts, but to make sure that you also take the time to listen to what each thought comes to reflect from you. A thought is a projection of the emotions you feel and feed.

But be careful, it is not to listen to a negative thought to ventilate and add oil to its fire. What we want is to become solution-oriented, not ego-solution-oriented but soulfully solution-oriented.

Remember to Breathe In, to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul, and to Love Out

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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