Do you check your limits once a while?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we might choose to put something away, or avoid doing something because we are not ready yet?  It could be because we don’t know how to handle it. It could be because we lack self-confidence. It could be because we don’t have the skills, or we think we don’t have them. It could be because we don’t feel ready without knowing why. It could seem like it was not the right time. The reasons are endless; they are also true and false, which means that they are ego-based true or true about needing something else done before.

This being said, have you questioned your choice later to see if you might be ready in your now… from new learnings and wisdom, or have you kept it away recorded in the file saying that you are not ready, making it a limit that your ego-based mind keeps playing over and over again… making you think that you were not ready, therefore you are still not ready? Have you also listened to your Self trying to make you aware that a certain limit was no longer necessary and that you are ready?

I’ll give you a clear example of the Self letting you know and how feeling misaligned is telling you that it’s time to tend to your own garden of beliefs.

Not long ago, I made changes in my working space because I have a new puppy, so I blocked some part of it with a playpen so she would not continue with something she did once, and I could see it becoming a bad habit, so I limited the space where she could go and make a mess or create a bad habit also moving some pieces of furniture to control where she could jump onto. It felt right. It was pretty. I created a stress-free environment for both of us; for me knowing she would not make a mess or destroy anything, and for her knowing she was free to go wherever without me always checking on her which can come to her as a stressful moment when I jump to see why she is suddenly so quiet.

Last week, I noticed a few things that was not as okay as they were, like how I like it when it is brighter in the room but a piece of furniture kept the sun coming all the way back in the room, and I suddenly missed that. I also told myself that I wanted more open space again. I need an open space with less obstacles to get to the patio door or to step outside without crossing over the playpen. I also noticed the day before that one of the pieces of furniture in the room is not even being used or barely, yet it takes the best place.  I did not mind all of those before because I put them there by choice, and it was the best choice then, but I just started to notice them telling myself that they were becoming obstacles to the fluid energies I love to be surrounded with.

So yesterday morning, without having planned this at all, I looked at something and moved it without much thought, just to see about the space and little that I knew, I was moving the whole place around rethinking and accepting some choices that I did not like or think of before. And guess what? It was fixing all of those things and others I also wished, which I only saw after I was done when I realized that I even got rid of the playpen… because she is not the puppy that she was one and two months ago. She is not making messes with what was kept behind the playpen anymore. She was ready. She did not need those same limits. Those limits were obsolete, and they did not hold any truth to them anymore.

So, the limits that once were necessary… were not necessary anymore. Do you see where I am going with this?

The limits I did set for her and for myself were to be changed, because let’s be honest, I am the one that arranged the space to have less stress and control her environment, therefore mine. I am the one that wanted a stress-free zone and an easy one to handle whatever.

And how did I know they were not necessary anymore? Because I started noticing them as obstacles. They were no longer the right setting nor fun and satisfying. They were becoming irritants to my free mindset and energy.

Have you ever thought about seeing the obstacles you notice as limits in need of a change in your now because you are ready? Sometimes we need to change them for different limits, and sometimes we need to break free from them.

Today, I am inviting you to be aware of the obstacles you see and feel. What are they keeping you from? Answer with your heart. What can you do or learn or add to be more ready to handle it or jump over that obstacle? Take the time to sit down and be honest with yourself about why you keep that obstacle in place. What is it that you do not trust? Maybe you still need it from not trusting your inner power and that is okay. But do you really still need it if you can clearly see that it is an obstacle or if you can clearly feel that something is not right anymore? Meditate on it. Ask within? Take the time to see if that is still the case, or if it was an old version of you that no longer needs that limitation or obstacle.

Sometimes the older version of you is just the one that you were the day before, it is not always the completely new you that went through all the changes you wished.

I encourage you to know more about your ego-based mind and your inner Self in going through some of my little programs you can find on my online center. Some of them are free so there are no excuses not to meet your inner Self and live in more harmony with yourself.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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