Embody the role for your new reality

You have probably heard before today that to change your reality, what you live and experience on a daily basis, you must start by changing yourself to be in synchronization or in harmony with this reality. How do we change ourselves? By changing our habits. By changing our way of thinking. By changing our environment since it influences us, just as we influence our environment.

A joyful, appreciative, and positive person by nature will probably not live in a very negative environment. This does not mean that he or she will not encounter situations with their share of challenges, but their reality will be composed of things and people and activities allowing this joy, this appreciation and this positivity to continue and be present daily. The energy of that person’s psychic atmosphere will emanate into their physical space, into their reality.

To change our reality with full awareness, becoming the person who will be in harmony or in synchronization with this reality becomes even logical for the ego since this is what we have always been doing unconsciously. Pursuing good inspired actions, changing our habits, changing our internal discourse in the direction of this different reality is part of the components of how we mindfully become the person or how we embody the person we wish to become in this reality that we wish to experience.

Have you ever watched a movie or series where someone is going undercover for a while? What do they have to do to make sure they fit in and play their role correctly? They embody a personage thinking about every detail like what they do, how they talk, what they now like and don’t, what is their profession and their skills, the way they dress, even how they walk. They must look and feel the part so they can walk the talk. They do not forget who they are but they know that to fit in their new reality, few things must change.

It is also a little bit like that when someone wants a specific promotion, but maybe not to the same extreme. They probably can get that promotion because of who they already are, although they might have to level up a few things like their working schedule, their wardrobe, or type of restaurants they go to if they have to meet with certain types of clients to close deals or learn new skills to better fit the new tasks.

Well, when you want to change your reality, you also might want to make some changes.  While you might not want to pretend you are going undercover, or reinventing or inventing a whole new persona, you might want to have fun at playing pretend to see what it takes, see what you might need to learn, to better, to change, to let go… so you can become the version of you to fit that reality. In playing pretend to observe and know yourself better as an exercise, you are also seeing what feels off and is not aligned with your inner Self because some changes you think you need to do might be ego-based influenced from beliefs and associations.

We all do this unconsciously when we daydream of something, or when we move or when we have new friends or change school, or job, or start a family.

How about doing it mindfully because you want to embody the person to thrive and live in harmony in this reality you are maybe trying to create.

I am inviting you to do a meditation on this. Play pretend by pretending you are going undercover in the beautiful reality you want to experience. And take notes of your discoveries and inspirations.

I am encouraging you to enjoy this little exercise because it will help you see what you like, what you don’t like, what you might need to learn or do and what you might have not thought about yet… maybe helping you to know why you have not yet achieved this or that. 

We must be ready to play our part in our new reality we are creating from our now. We must be ready to play that role before getting on stage… the stage of our life. We do this every day with little things like going into the kitchen to cook a meal, we know we will be cooking; going to work to do our job, we know what kind or employee or employer to be; coming home to our family, we know we are a parent. You see where I am going with this?

Start today to think of a dream you wish to experience and step by step, little by little, become the person that will fit into that dream because that person will be you. That person is you.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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