Praying under the Law of Grace for others

When you pray for others, how do you do it?

Do you request xyz for them, thinking about what they should have and might need?

Do you request God to help them thinking that God is not present into their life?

Do you send them what you think they need from your standpoint?

Do you send through God what you intuitively know they need?

And what if what they need that you might know of or think of, must come after something else because they are also going through their own life lessons, and they are also creating the environment for what they deeply desire? Have you thought about that?

And what if God or Source, or helpers whatever you believe in, was already helping them with the result you requested but simply not the way you would do it? Have you thought about that also?

Often, when we pray for others, we are actually praying for our own peace of mind and peace of heart. Yes! This about it! We often pray for others because knowing they are okay will bring us peace. So, we might go conditionally about it, meaning we might request or pray for a particular thing or two, which might take too much mental space in our own mind. So, to feel better and at peace with it, we see that if the other is well and doing okay, we will not be stressed or sad and will feel free from that.

And what if that was the trigger we needed to start praying for others, making us a beautiful component or tool for them?

Take the time to see when you pray for others how you do it to see if you are asking peace for them however it might come, or if you are asking xyz to bring peace to them. Don’t play God or Source. Be the perfect tool you can be and become allowing the Divine intervention.

I would like to add here that if you really want to be that tool for others, do it under the Law of Grace.

There is a great way to pray for their peace and your own at the same time which is praying under the Law of Grace. Sending what they need in their now and thanking for what is in motion to help them.

When you pray under the Law of Grace, you are acting as a tool or a channel for an S.O.S. you heard in your heart or your mind space, like maybe thinking of them in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable in your heart. So instead of using your ego-based mind to analyze the situation, you can act like a spokesperson for the other who is maybe too much under their own ego-based mind influences to request peace for themselves.

You might have heard that when more than one person is praying about the same thing it accelerates the outcome. Well, they don’t have to be together at all and they don’t have to know they are doing that. And even more about this… it can be you and your Inner Self, or you and your non-physical team. Not everyone have someone they can physically be with, and they get their prayers or desires answered. Think about this as well.

Everyone is having desires and those are heard even with the non-spoken words, or non-expressed requests. We can easily be in our own way keeping ourselves from being in a receiving mode by feeding the negativity.

So when you pray for others under the Law of Grace, you are hearing their S.O.S. and you are allowing their needs to be met in spite of their ego influence. It is like if you clear the channel for them to receive, or if you hold the door open for them to receive.

This being said, don’t do it in an ego-based way, but with all the Love and Light that you are and can be. And allow what they need to be what they need in their now, and not what you would give them or think they need, whether you are intuitive about it or not. You can send them peace of mind and peace of heart, since that covers whatever “they” need to have their own peace of mind and peace of heart.

And guess what? You will also feel that peace of mind and peace of heart yourself because you will have done it with your heart and not your ego-based mind. You might find yourself stepping away from the pattern of repeating the same ego-request prayer for them over and over. When you do that repetitive prayer, it means that you did not believe yet that it worked, otherwise you would not request the same thing over and over right?

This is also what you can do for yourself when you find yourself in a situation that you cannot handle with love and peace of mind. Yes, you can also request your needs to be met under the Law of Grace, which will be You requesting for yourself.

I know I wrote about this before, and I also know we will never talk about this enough.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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