The ego taking your dream away

One morning last week, I felt a thought making me think that I forgot a dream of mine. I have been settling and setting something that is part of my journey, and my ego-based mind wanted this to be my main part and a permanent part of my now and future, making this so big and so much time-consuming… that it made me forget that dream which made me feel misaligned.

Something felt off but at the same time everything felt going in the right direction. Confusing, isn’t it? My life felt off for a few days. That morning while I suddenly thought of someone and a mutual dream we had, I realized that I was forgetting about my dream and goals for my future reality in focusing on the now because the situation required me to… but it rapidly became the ego-based now. The false perception my ego was weaving creating an ego veil that was obscuring my dream. And I almost got caught up in that veil. I almost allowed my ego to finish weaving the many layers to make it opaque.

But that morning from a glimpse of that dream pushed from my Inner Self, I understood and clearly saw behind the veil, and I grabbed that veil with anger and tore it apart. I claimed my dream that was mine and I got up with determination to see it clearly again. You see, I have this freedom and ability to be able to see ego veils and often as the new ones are being created. And I do sit down to do personal assessment of my now and my thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever found yourself in a situation on the path to your dream where you forgot for a moment where you were headed, and it was really going great towards the achievement of it for a while, but you suddenly had to work on something else and you thought your dream was not possible or not the right one from now on? You questioned it.

Was it really not the right one, or was it the ego-based mind taking some obstacles and transforming them in a story you so don’t want? From which you start telling yourself that this is not the dream I want, this is not what I want so I must create a new and different dream, I must let go of this one.

The thing is… when it is true that you must let go of something that might have been ego-basely created, it feels right and freeing to let go, because you are letting go of something that is not You; but when you let go of a dream that comes from your heart, in thinking that it “should” be let go completely and not just a part or ego-based parts of it, your energy feels drained. It feels off because you are seeing this with your ego-based mind, with an all or nothing concept, and not with your heart or Soul. It feels off and it is.

This is when it is good to assess your emotions, your ego veils you can see and the ones you cannot see by asking your Inner Self to make you see them, to come to your rescue and not an ego-based rescue, but a grace rescue.

This is when it is good to let go of what is not part of your dream, the obstacles taking too much mind space, the impossibilities taking too much mind space, and the negativities making it seem impossible or not possible anymore.

A dream from the heart is a pure dream with many little goals to achieve it, and sometimes when the ego interferes, it can falsely transform one of those steps and goals into what the dream should maybe be, making us loose sight of the dream from the heart. Those are moments when we might stop believing in a dream, in its possibility. Those are moments when we feel off energy wise and emotionally. Those are moments when it is good to assess your thoughts to get rid of what the ego added to the simple and original beautiful dream: the ego-limitations, the ego-conditions, the ego-ways, the ego-how, the ego-when.

When you feel off, when something feels off, when your energy is not on the positive and smiling and happy side of the scale, stop. Stop whatever you were doing. Stop your thoughts right there. You know the way you can tell someone to go away or quiet down if they were all over you and annoying you to the point that you cannot move or think, well, tell yourself to stop so you can have a moment with your Self.

Don’t let your ego take away your freedom to dream.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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