Each step opens to desiring the next

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there is something you don’t want to do, but once you start taking even the smallest step, it unfolds effortlessly, and you end up doing it and being satisfied that you did it?

Many times, you might not be aware that your requests are also your answers, and that you must desire the answer, the change, or the move for it to happen.

It is about opening yourself to desire what you want, one step at a time.

You know the saying “help yourself and heaven will help you”?

You help yourself when you request help from within. You do! You are aware and allowing yourself to be helped either knowingly or through sighing or tears. That request might be hidden though in saying “I cannot do this.”, or “I have no interest in doing this at the moment.” You might think you want it all done without you, but you are actually requesting to “be able to do” it, and “have an interest” in doing it. Your ego-based mind might make you believe you want no part in the solution, which cannot be, since it is your life.

Then, an effortless step can come to your mind and be taken like a bargaining option. You think that in doing less or a small something is enough and will make you okay and satisfied. In fact, you saw a small step and you suddenly desired it because it felt okay and lesser or easier. And you acted on it. You followed up on that idea, that inspiration.

That small step was opening to desiring the following step. Did you know this?

While you found yourself in action, and while you had maybe no intention of doing anything else because you saw it would be satisfying enough for now­ ̶ remember you had no interest for more, once you have accomplished that step, a change of your energy is in motion. It is not the same energy because you went from asking… to doing from an answer you accepted, and if you decide to surf that different and new energy wave, you can find yourself being okay with the next step. The very thing that you had no interest of doing you suddenly desire it. I am not talking about an ego-desire, but a subtle okayness desire to continue or do whatever it was for you.

What you thought you could not do and had no interest of doing… you did.

I will give you a simple example that comes to mind. One afternoon, I was busy with work and I had no interest whatsoever to go out for a walk, even if I knew it would do me good. First, I felt like I could not get myself out from what I was doing, less alone get properly dressed and ready to go out for a walk ̶ it was wintertime here so you cannot just step out for a walk. So that idea suddenly felt heavy. I told myself that I could not get myself to get ready to go for a walk, and that I had no interest to go for a walk. Period. But I felt that I should move. So, I thought, okay I could go get the mail downstairs and put out the trash and that is like a tiny walk. And that required me only to put shoes on. Easy enough. Once I was downstairs, I saw the sidewalks cleared of snow, and it brought me to think that I could just go back upstairs to get my jacket and keep my shoes since they were already on. No boots were necessary. It was also easy enough. That was a desire I did not have at all when I first thought that maybe going for a walk would be a good thing. 

It is about opening ourselves to desire what we want that is very often the solution we are seeking unaware of it, because our ego masks it in negative sentences like I cannot do this and I have no interest right now in moving, or any other sentence you say and think.

This is what one-step-at-a-time means. This is what help-yourself-and-heaven-will-help-you means. This is what act-before-your-brain-wakes-up means. This is what going-through-the-motion means. This is what surf-the-energy-wave means.

When you ask help within, be ready to be part of the solution. All there is to do is ask and follow the inspirations, one at a time. You cannot climb Everest in one giant stride.

You ask. You receive. You accept. You ask. You receive. You desire.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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