I will and I am

Before saying “I am” and believing it, there is the “I will” and believing that you will do or achieve something. Sometimes and for some people those steps become one. The “I will” step is trusting that you can, and you will find a way to do it either by yourself or through faith.

Yet so many people are trying to believe in themselves by going straight to the “I am xyz” affirmation and declaration to themselves or to others to learn to believe in themselves, and they often find that they cannot believe much into what they are affirming because they have not even seen themselves in the concept that it is even possible. So, they doubt themselves and the possibilities and even the dreams. They cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The ego-based mind interferes and keeps interfering, and they might even stop believing in the “I am” that they are in their full potential, and the “I am” that they are and cannot see from too many ego-veils, and the “I Am” that is greater and more powerful than their ego-based mind. So, their identity can feel shattered.

If you have no problem with believing into something when you start your sentence with the words I am, look back a little to see that you have come a long way and it has been a long process for you to understand and believe in what those powerful words represent. You have been on a mindfulness or a spiritual journey, whether you call it that way, whether you were aware of it or not fully.

“I Am” is the name of God, or Source, or the Infinite Divine Power that cannot be named, and before you are mindfully aware that you are a spiritual being living and experiencing through a physical being, and that you are a Soul’s extension of the I Am, you might think that saying I am simply refers and represents your identity that you are maybe trying to change for a better one, or a more suitable one for what you wish to achieve.

The beauty with affirmations is… they work if you believe in them, otherwise your ego-based mind will use them to add more negative data to your personal database, your subconscious. You see, when you state and declare something, you are adding data to your subconscious. We do this all day long even when we randomly say I am this and I am that or I am loving this, and I am not loving that. So, when you affirm and declare something that you do not believe or do not believe yet, you are also adding those doubtful data to your subconscious. And what is active in your subconscious emanates in your energy field.

That is why you might often hear that you must feel what you affirm and declare.

That is also why it is important to create your own affirmations. For example, when you read something that is great but there is something that feels a little off for you, rewrite it or add the words or change the words that will make it feel right for you, that will not make you doubt it. Then, you are adding beautiful positive new data to your subconscious. Then, you are changing your energy level in your psychic atmosphere. Then, you are changing your story and reality.

If starting by saying “I am” is generating lots of doubts and other negative emotions, you can start with “I will” and create the sentence that can make you believe in yourself. And when you start seeing beautiful synchronicity that it is happening, that little steps or big steps are making it happen, then you can change your “I will” for “I am” because you are making it happen and you might believe more that you do when you will say “I am”. You are making it happen with your beliefs, with your faith, with following your inspirations, with acting upon your inspired actions… whatever is right for you at the moment.  

Yes, that first “I am” awareness might be in the yourself (myself) and not the you Self (my Self) that you think is making it happen alone or with some help. Eventually along your mindfulness and spiritual journey and learning and knowingness, you will see that the words “I am” are way more than your ego-identity.

And that is for another blog… or read previous ones because I have often written about this often over the past 4 years.

So today, I am inviting you to stop doubting yourself when it comes to affirming something and wanting to change your story, and when the first step seems to be too high to even reach the possibility in believing in yourself by taking maybe a different first step. Please don’t feel you are not doing the right thing by saying “I will” instead of “I am”, even when you hear many people and teachers saying that I will means it is not done, and I am means it is. Allow yourself to start from where you are with your personal beliefs and faith. Allow yourself to know your Self one step at a time.

And yes, allow yourself to change the words before your ego-based mind makes you live in the “I will” state of mind. This is a temporary step towards the next one. Maybe write this down somewhere visible so you have a reminder when necessary.

You can also learn more about your Inner Self and your ego-based mind by enjoying the Morning Glory 31 days of affirmations program I have created to help you differentiate both on a daily basis over 31 days. Simply follow the link below and enjoy journaling where you are now about your beliefs on the daily affirmation.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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