My only task is to feed the thoughts that make me feel good

Yes! Today my only task is to feed the thoughts that make me feel good.

Sometimes people hearing this might think that it is not being very responsible, or it means that they are not addressing what is to be taken care of for the sake of positivity. Well, it is simply not to be handle with an ego-based way for the sake of ego-positivity. That is the difference.

Feeding the thoughts making you feel good does not mean that you will go on with your day your head in the sand so you avoid your responsibilities as soon as they are not pleasing you, but it does mean that you will not spend more time than the awareness necessary one on something that is not making you feel good.

What would be the point of feeding something negative making it bigger unless it was to be aware of its message opening it to see what it contains so you can let it go? And even then, but this is for another blog.

Each negative thought, and each negative emotion is bringing a message. It is okay to see what is going on. Be aware. Be mindful. Open the message. Read the message. Let go of the messenger. And do not ego-deal with it, which is often the most common way to deal with whatever. After all, the ego-based thought or emotion comes with its language so it is a tiny bit normal to try to read it with the ego-based language or mind. But take this like a secret coded message, and you must step away from your ego to see it.

You can meditate or pray on it. You can write to clarify it. You can also request a better understanding from your teacher within. You can put is aside until you receive the non-ego-based code to read it.

Feeding only the positive thoughts also mean that you might offer a positive prayer on what is bothering you or troubling you or worrying you, so you can shift those worries into something better, more faithful, and more positive about it since you will have taken the ego out of the equation.

It is our task to be aware and mindful, but it is not our ego-based task to “fix” anything. Our only task is to set the terrain, help our psychic atmosphere environment to be at its best in the present moment, so we can feed it with the best that we can receive, that our terrain is ready to receive, that our mental space is ready to receive.

It can come in a form of a thought, an inspiration, an intuition, a divine or cosmic meeting with something you will hear, or read, or see.

So today, take the time to take care of your energy field, the energy of your psychic atmosphere and physical atmosphere.

Today your only task is to feed the thoughts that make you feel good. Write this down somewhere and make this your affirmation for today.

You can also visit my online center where you have 31 affirmations for 31 days of mindfulness.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂


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