Saved from ego-reality

What if hitting the bottom is actually a simple “return” to God, or Source or Higher Consciousness, however feels right with your beliefs?

I am sure you have experienced how easier it becomes to be open to talk to Higher Consciousness when we are in trouble, and we want to escape from our ego-based reality that we have created, consciously or not.

Just remember when all is going great, how you probably felt more powerful and might even felt that you had total control over your life. Actually, you had what seems to be a total control over your reality that you had or were creating. Beautiful nuance here.  

And since we keep creating our realities with all what we do and feel and wish from deep within as best as we can, it can become normal to hit a few bumps on the road once a while when our ego-based mind makes us believe that we have it all together, and adding that it must be because we are doing what is necessary right?

This is how the ego-based mind plays and works… in its role of helping us survive, it makes us believe that we can do everything, anytime we want, and making us believe that if something is not happening, it must be because we are not doing it right, which might end up in a self-search and self-assessment to see what is wrong with us or others.

What we might not see is that we are searching within this ego-reality that we are creating, instead of searching within for our Self.

And then, when we understand that Source’s power within ourselves is greater than our ego-based thoughts and ways, it becomes easy to be open to the concept that only Source’s power within us can save us from our ego-based realities through some course-corrections here and there. And those course-corrections cannot be from an ego-based way, otherwise we would simply be changing some ego parameters creating a different ego-reality.

Today I am inviting you to take the time to let this simmer and see how often or how easy you are with allowing the Universe step in to course-correct, and if you are also requesting that help which can in a way save your Soul from an ego-reality stuckness.

Enjoy the process!

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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