The ego veil keeping you from being passionate

What if all we have to do is to remember the reasons that created the reason that sparked the passion?

Sometimes it is about finding the Inner motivation, but sometimes it is about not giving up on something that takes more time than the ego wishes. Well, okay, maybe just the feeling because we know we will not give up, but it became too heavy to carry on our own.

Recently I was not about to let go of my past decade project, but there was a veil between my passion and myself and that was something I did not like at all. You see, I am the kind of person that wakes up every morning like if it was a new life, not carrying my yesterday’s energy. Never. But I found myself for a while not waking up with a smile and lightness even though I was being grateful, I was meditating, and I was still creating a lot of things enjoying it. Something was not present. There was a light veil between my now and myself. I knew it. The Universe knew also I needed help to shift this energy.

So, I started to journal on an inspiration about my offers just to see where I was in my now, to find myself reminiscing the moment, the days, when I made the shift in my mind about my professional offers and services. That brought me to remembering why I am doing what I am doing, and it made me see how I was forking from my clear goal from having followed what others succeeding in the same field were doing and teaching. Their teachings brought me a lot of great information, but it was nonetheless making me step away further and further from my personal and original goal in making me think that I was not believing in my value enough, hence the not able to do like them. That was creating some beautiful ego veils and as bright as they were, they were still ego veils keeping me from my original goal, slowly diminishing my passion. Yes, this is how our beautiful ego interferes. It does all it can to make us aware of something not aligned.

Being a passionate person from my birth, the breath in was heavy. The Love out was amazing and still there, but the breath in was heavier.

How did I know there was an ego veil present? I was not writing anymore.

My One thing is writing, and I was wondering why I was not sitting down to write all eager to write, and not feeling inspired to write every day like I used to. I was journaling a little but even that was less than usual. At first, I thought I simply was not inspired, and that I did not need to journal as much, but at the same time I was feeling that my passion was clouded.

So, when you find yourself not tending to your passion and to the One thing that makes you feel aligned and alive and passionate and happy and smiling for no reason, ask within to see the ego veils and to have them lifted up from within. Ask within or ask your non-physical team to help you lift up that ego veil so you can remember why you were that passionate about something, and allow yourself to be guided to a way to remember it.

For me it was through sitting down to write a prompt for a post to my friends only about something related, yet not oriented in finding out my whys. It happened while I was writing and I found myself doing some of what people call automatic writing, but for me it is having conversation with my Inner Self or my non-physical team.  They brough me back more than ten years ago exactly to the thoughts that brought me to change my offers and services with the whys and the goals and they made me see how I had stepped away for a while from that personal mission. Yes, the beautiful energy I felt back then came back and was very present in my now… again.

Today I am inviting you to see what you have been passionate about all of your life but today it seems like yesterday’s history. I am not talking about an activity you were doing and loving, and you stopped to pursue something else; I am talking about your one thing that makes you feel aligned and alive but you are not doing anymore. That One thing.

Take the time to sit down to have a beautiful conversation with the Universe about it. Take the time to be receptive to remembering the why(s) you were passionate about it. Allow yourself to be brought back in time to your whys and what sparked that passion. And feel the shift in your energy. Feel the beautiful ego veil lifting up to let the light shining out from within again.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 


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