From procreation to co-creation

How often do you give meaning to something without much thought about it? Allowing the association that was made to simply be “it”.

I know it is ego-based made, yet being human and always teachable, I find myself in pure delight when I am aware of some resistance that I have created about myself.

Today for the first time I saw something with a deeper meaning that I already knew it had, and it opened a valve allowing emotions to burst out. But it also opened me to freeing myself.

Two years ago, I started randomly writing about going from procreation to creation-to edit the first version of my book about body image issues not being issues but life lessons teaching us something. And this is to help women and show them that when they accept to make the shift and the adjustment in their mindset, so going from procreation to co-creation or from birthing children to birthing their inspirations allowing their creative expression to continue-often when children are growing up to become adults, or even leaving the nest, that simple yet not always easy mindset shift can allow them to metaphysically overcome many dis-eases related to motherhood and womanhood.

And while I have myself gone through that mind shift, today I had a beautiful aha moment of some expectation I had about my physical body that I did not even know I had.

I saw how I “expected” my physical body to “also” go through some specific physical shift while going through the beautiful mind shift, but it hasn’t. So, I gave that part all sorts of reasons which I know are beautiful life lessons I have learned, and some mastered, but I was left with a question mark on that,

And while I accept it with lots of understanding and what might have bothered me in the past not bothering me or not “as much”, I was not pinpointing why it was not changing despite the Inner work I have done and still do when I need to.

Well, today during a zoom meeting with Soulsisters of Soulciété, I know why. 🙂

I expected it to go through the motion, through the changes of what I define as what my non-motherhood body is; and to bring this awareness even deeper, even maybe to what it was before it was into its procreation mode, like if the procreation to creation motion was going backward physically wise… which is not that at all!

I am writing about bringing the creativity to a whole new level and not a past level, so how could have I thought the physical change would not follow that same new level? And what is that new level? It is the one I am creating from inspirations and not the one it was from my ego souvenirs.

I don’t know if you still follow me here?

My automatic association of the physical change was an ego-based one of what does the body of a mother can look like, and what does the body of a non-mother looks like, even if I totally don’t care about physical looks, my mind still has some sort of definition of it from education and life experiences and all. Normal.

So when I was writing about going from procreation to creation, or from procreation to co-creation, and when I did my personal mind shift years ago and started to birth all my inspirations and inspired actions, I was questioning once a while the fact that my body was not changing for “the better” no matter my life lessons it was teaching me, and no matter how much self-love and TLC I was giving it.

So today, when I saw a beautiful light showing me my expectation of what my non-mother body is, which is the one that many of us think… the one we had “before” being mothers, I saw the bright ego-based belief right there.

What I saw was also how I brought myself to a new level of creation, but I was not allowing my body to follow me on that same level, I was trying to push it back to its very old level. No wonder the misalignment!

Such a beautiful freedom feeling. Now I know I can simply enjoy the ride and co-create everything moving forward on this new level from how I am designing it. The ties that were pulling back and forth are broken. The false vision has vanished allowing a beautiful white canvas for the new design.

I hope that with this personal example you were able to understand how we constantly unwillingly use old/false definitions in our misalignments, which is normal.

And I hope you also get that it is through Inner work that we can lift up the ego veil, to see from the Soul and co-create and collaborate to better create and design our dreams.

So today, I will invite you to sit down and look at something that does not work in your favor, something that you struggle ish with? Not to solve it today, but to be aware that there might be some unwilling associations that you have made regarding this and that you are keeping alive in your psychic atmosphere for some ego gains; that there are definitions you gave to something that are not in sync with the move you are desiring to make from your heart.

Take the time to sit down with nice meditation music and journal to yourself like you would do to a best friend or even a therapist. The first step is about being aware, because to make a change, you must be aware of what you are wanting to change knowing it will generate a different impact in your life.

Take one more step in being authentic, being you, being real.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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