The Cause within

The Cause is within. The inspirations or ideas that we can bring forth; the inspired actions making us move to bring something into the world, the courage to ask within to bring an inspiration forth… all of those are the Causes within ourselves that create or generate Effects.

There is a cause to every effect; it is a Law of the Universe, and with the ego-based mind and vision we might tend to see an effect only as being the cause of the next effect, which might make one forgetting that it is the ripple effects, and that the root of all causes is the one from within, and not the one we might try to figure out from an effect.

How often have you tried to find out something or figure out how you can make something happen? How often have you tried to do this on your own without seeking any Inner Self or Consciousness insight?

Today, I am inviting you to take one thing on your mind for which you have no solution yet, except the ego-based ones maybe making you feel guilty or sad, or fearful… and ask within to be inspired for the right next action on it, on the right way to solve it. Yes, you might still need to seek within for the courage to bring this inspired action forth, but it is not because you are “afraid”, you are simply afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone overly protected by your ego, and this is a nuance in the type of fears. One is just stepping outside of your comfort zone with Inner help if you remember to collaborate, and the other one is being misaligned with your Self afraid by being alone and doing it all alone.

I remember growing up and hearing how it was harder to have faith than doing it ourselves, and oh boy, this is so true, because it requires of us to constantly step away form our ego-based mind to take the time to be present and Be, so we can do better; to trust the unknown to the ego. And like every muscle that needs practice and activities to gain strength, being and mindfully co-creating does too. Have you practiced today? Have you taken the time to grow that strength?

Take the time to connect within to see what your ego cannot see yet. Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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