Keep the Trust channel open

Let’s say that if you read this, you believe and trust the Divine or Cosmic Power, the Higher Consciousness or God or Source, however you call that Higher Consciousness that feels good to you without triggering your ego.

And, stress, or anxiety, or doubts, or fears of not knowing how to do something and face a situation comes up.

And let’s say that you know that God within is greater than your ego-based mind and it will be okay, yet, tears come up because you feel powerless (maybe again). You are not alone experiencing this as I am knowing perfectly well what I am talking about, because like every human being on Earth, life comes with obligations and experiences.

And in such situation, it’s not that we do not trust God, but we might simply not keep that trust alive and active in our mind.

And how can we keep that trust alive, but constantly alive in our mind so the ego does not interfere?

In keeping the Inner channel open, or the Trust channel open however we can do this, and however we (you) love to do this.

Of course, life does not always allow sitting down in meditation or in prayer 24/7 when facing challenging situations, but just like when you leave the radio station on while you tend to other things, and even at work, you can do the same to keep your Trust channel open. Because when the Trust channel is open, the ego cannot interfere.

Yes, it can be with prayers, with meditations, but also with spiritual music, with books and audio books, with YouTube videos, or documentaries and movies. Whatever makes you feel safe and in communication with Higher Consciousness, do it, and do it more in those time so you keep your Trust channel open.

Today I am inviting you to try this; when you feel that you are on the edge of anxiety and feeling powerless facing a situation, yet, knowing at the same time that it will all be okay, turn on your Trust channel so you keep your confidence active about it as long as you need it.

Create yourself a list of things you enjoy when it comes to keep your Inner communication active, so in time of needs you are ready.

Enjoy the process of feeling the difference.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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