Sitting with your Self

Because Source or God or the I AM, whichever feels better for you, is within you, and knowing that you are the I AM because Source is within you and is you and knowing that Source is always satisfied and never lack of anything from always creating what is needed and desired, You-and I, are always fulfilled, never lacking anything. It is “only” a matter of associating and synchronizing with this Truth and making sure every day you(we) are doing the “work” to stay aligned with this truth.

This is our task and responsibility, allowing us overcoming all opposite beliefs.

While this seems to be easy, because we are here to experience and because our ego is part of our whole, it becomes something less easy than easy.

How can we do this? How do we do this?

How do one become an athlete? How does an expert become an expert in one field? By owning what they practice and becoming their expertise; they practice, they breathe it; it is a second nature.

In this case, it is our first nature, and it comes with practicing it every day and living it every day.

An expert or an athlete is not an expert because of one look and one practice once a while, or a few minutes every day. Yes, that person might know more than others about it, but what makes that person an expert or an athlete is the repetition, the living it to own it and become it.

So, to “own” the Universal concepts, we must be them. To know Source within always satisfied and never lack anything, therefore knowing our Self always satisfied and never lack anything, we must align with this Truth and become it.

Meditation, affirmations as spiritual mind treatment, prayers, journaling, Self-talk, expressing mindful gratitude, these are ways to keep this Truth active in our mind.

A practice once a while or few minutes a day will bring its results.

A practice more often throughout the day totaling hours a day will bring its results.

Both are good and both are great. They simply bring different results.

You might think that you do not want to be an expert or and athlete, but we are all athletes and experts in our own area, whether you see this or not. If you take the time to look at something you are really good at, this is a skill you developed over time by being it, owning it, it being part of your nature.

Here are a few things that might not seem like expertise to you but it sure takes a lot of practice when it becomes a “second” nature. Some are experts in lying, some are experts in imagining the worst, some are experts in creating conflicts, some are experts in solutioning everything, some are experts in organizing everything, some are experts in spreading love, some are experts in making other smile; we are all experts in something we don’t see as an expertise.

You see where I am going with this? To become an expert at connecting yourself within and feeling to the core of your being that you are Source because Source is you, it takes connection practice.

Take the time to assess what makes you feel good and connected to your Self today. Take the time to remember some great experience you had feeling so beautifully connected within to Higher Consciousness and add this more often in your daily spiritual practice.

An athlete and an expert commit themselves into what they want to be good at.

Maybe today it is time to commit yourself, or commit yourself even more. A commitment to sit with your Self more often.

We are all work in progress and we are all living and experiencing our daily life with all we encounter so it is normal that we integrate unpleasant data in our mind and unpleasant experience in our lives. It is still our task and responsibility to connect within and do our Inner work to learn, understand and master our life lessons.

Enjoy the process. I know I do.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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