Body, Mind… *Spirit*

Did you know that Gratitude can be your spiritual mind treatment?

Body, Mind & Spirit.

How about creating a balance in that beautiful synergy of you?

Many leave out the Spirit part because they do not want to follow any religious or spiritual practice.

Did you know that while you are following other paths to make you feel better Mind and Body wise, you can integrate Gratitude into your personal practice to start being more positive about your life and about life in general, and take care of that Spirit part of it?

Often people are grateful when things are going well or when they experience something positive. I am teaching you how to integrate it despite your mindset.

I have been using Gratitude as my personal mind treatment as far as I can remember. And guess what? Although spirituality is part of who I am and where I find my peace of mind and peace of heart, I am not living the life of a monk or a nun. Well, okay I almost have been for the past two years. 🙂 But parts of my life experiences are way far from that.

Gratitude is expressing your appreciation, and often we tend to appreciate what is easy and makes our life easier and better.

I have learned to be grateful without those conditions. I have mastered how to be grateful for everything that is the way it is.

And that state of being opens to seeing life differently.

When I did my research to write my paper for my doctorate which was *Gratitude as a Spiritual Mind Treatment for Mental Health*, I had the pleasure to discover that Gratitude increases the level of dopamine making you feel good and happy, and it decreases the level of cortisol lowering your stress feeling according to some studies.

I am inviting you today to visit my website and my online center and see my work on Gratitude. I also decided to make the online course available on Udemy because one of my dreams is to make it available worldwide. So you have many options available to you to integrate gratitude with this teaching method allowing you to find gratitude even with your mindset is not positive.

Take the time to integrate Gratitude into your life with a method that will overcome the obstacles of finding gratitude when life gets tough. 🙂

Nathalie 🙂




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