Self-Realization Verse 1

For the next 21 days, I will be posting the verses of my latest book Self-Realization Food for thoughts. One verse per day.

Either as your bedtime reading, or morning meditation content, enjoy and let your Self add to it as you feel it. Let your Inner Self personalize it.

But before I do…

Self-Realization is the beautiful Art of realizing that the Self is our essence, and that essence is Higher Consciousness.

Meditation is not only a spiritual path to reach our Inner Self or our Higher Self and to connect to Source, but it is an Inner bridge we can cross to access Source, our source.

Meditation helps accessing our individualized and private learnings, strengthening our connection and our communication skills with Source.

Meditation helps increase the usage of our Inner Self senses essential to our ascension.

But first we must find our Inner Self. We must believe in our Self. We must believe in its Origin. We must believe that it is the same origin and essence for everyone and everything. We must understand Oneness, allowing others to exist as they are, the way they are when they are.

Source, God, I AM, Higher consciousness… let’s not put a human limit to the Greatest Power of all, to the I AM creator. Feel free to use what feels good to you.

From personal experiences, although I am using them all to avoid triggering limiting beliefs in others, when I get closer to Source, I talk to God.

In the book there are two sections, one using the word Source and one using the word God. The verses are the same only different for the reader to feel at ease without triggering the ego-based mind.

I am not Source. Source is ME, therefore I am Source. Beautiful nuance.

Nathalie 🙂



I am an extension of Source; Source is ME.

I am a human expression of Source expressing HIS ideas.

I am Source because Source is ME.

I am strong in HIS strength.

I am powerful in HIS power.




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