Own the path you walk on

You always own your path. Your steps are your footprints on it, even if others have been there before you.

You might be creating your own path, and sometimes you might be walking on a path that seems to be already designed… yet, that “already there” path is not someone else’s path that you walk on, but your own that you are creating without having to struggle to clear the way… like others might have done. You are still leaving your own footprints on that path, therefore creating your own.

Do not let your ego tell you that it is better to create your own path from scratch and never walk on others. Actually, you never walk 100% in someone’s else’s path and footprints. You have your own energy that is very unique to you and that comes with all that you do.

What if you are to walk on someone else’s and add your own personal touch? What if walking on an already designed path makes it easier for you to focus on your own creation in progress to add or to change? What if walking on someone else’s path is there to teach you something or make you see a different point of view, so from there you can create your own with a new awareness. You could ask yourself questions like those when you ego-mind interferes.

Make sure you do not let your ego use some beautiful teaching about creating your own path, making you avoid something easy and effortless for a while… because it is necessary for you and your own life?

Everywhere you go and everything you do, even if it feels like you are doing like others, or going where others have been, you are still creating your own path and when you are becoming aware of this, you are then also aware what you are desiring to do to make that path yours with your energy and your special touch.

It is about not being afraid to add your touch, not being afraid to show your uniqueness, not being afraid to show your True Self, not being afraid to walk your own energy path… therefore creating your own path.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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