List your ego-based emotions

When you are afraid or worry, what is the first thing you might find yourself doing? Trying to figure out how to fix whatever it is so you would stop worrying… Thinking or overthinking what is going on some more to justify why you are afraid or worry… Thinking that you must “get out of there” or this situation and trying to find out how to do so… Feeding the thoughts with more thoughts about it… Talking to others about it… You know… all the endless ego-based way that will justify and make what you see as your only reality.

Well, take the time to list your reality without all the emotions. Just what is, no emotions. Can you? Take the time to list what is real and tangible without any type of emotions to it. List what is right there and not what you feel that it right there.

This often help ease that feeling or those feelings, and make you see what you have right at that moment without your ego interfering in the moment; and this can allow you to see your ego vs your reality.  The set up might not have changed, but your view of it will  and you will not be as guided by your ego-based emotions and thoughts; this will give you the time to surrender and ask your inner guidance to show you differently and take over if needed or those negative emotions. It is a step by step process… and a life long progress.

The more you practice removing your emotions from any moment where fear or worry is leading the way, the better you will get at it.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂


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