The Christ in Christmas


Christ mass

Christ consciousness communion

Divine consciousness communion / Source of the Universe communion

Divine awareness connection / Source of the Universe connection

Divine Oneness state of being / Source of the Universe Oneness state of being

Which was what Jesus had… The Divine or Source of the Universe awareness, the Christ consciousness within himself, the connection and awareness of the Divine within himself, the Oneness state of being, receiving teaching from within which is always available and much greater than any ego thought or belief.

This is what Christmas is about… the Christ Consciousness Communion, making us aware of that Divine consciousness within and accessible within. This is the Love Energy we all feel around Christmas. This is why many people love this time of year, because they feel that Energy very strongly.

And when we feel that pure Love Energy, that Primal Energy, it makes us want to connect and reconnect more with the ones we love without our ego mind leading the way if the love is not already shared and expressed. The Christ Consciousness Energy makes it easier to allow our heart to express itself because everybody does it, and it became a collective consent to many because it is marked on a calendar, so they can express themselves in ways they do not in other times.

Then, there is the happy celebration, the festive energy of the gathering, which is happening any time there is a gathering, Christmas or not, but it seems even better when that gathering is with family and friends.

It started with one gift to remember that it is a birthday that is being celebrated… and for many it became giving all the love that has not been given disguised in many gifts, as many as they can.

Christmas is about aligning yourself with Source Energy and its Pure Love. It is about celebrating the Christ Consciousness within yourself, remembering that Oneness is yours, renewing your communion with it, renewing the birth vow… of Loving others and yourself, of Loving others as you Love yourself… a vow your inner Self is aware of.

Celebrating Christmas is celebrating the Love you hold within yourself no matter the external conditions.

Enjoying family and friends gathering is sharing with others.

Enjoying Christ consciousness within yourself, is what Christmas was all about, and is still about and will always be about.

Today, there are many ways available to us to share that with others. Allow yourself to see the new ways, and that the new ways are not replacing old ways, they are adding to other ways. No way is abolishing that Christ Consciousness, that Christ communion, that Christ mass, Christmas. Only an ego way of thinking can do that.

Enjoy sharing with family and friends in the way you can, where you can.

If you celebrate Christmas… Have a Merry Christmas! Have a joyful and a happy Christ Consciousness time!

If you celebrate the festive Holiday time… Have a happy holiday and make the best with what is, do things you enjoy doing that is available to you to keep your mind away of things you cannot do.

Have a happy metaphysical Christ mass!

Nathalie 🙂




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