A Perfect today

Make today one of those perfect todays. Yesterday as I was walking back from my little walk to have my feet on the grass, to touch a tree, to take photos of flowers, being appreciative for that present moment, I started naturally being thankful for that and I continued with a quick thankful list of my today because it felt right to do it while I was appreciative of the beauty I was seeing, and I heard myself answering at the end “yes, it was a perfect today’.

Very often, people will add “it would have been perfect if…”. Well, that is not a perfect today, but a perfect dreamed day. Nuance.

Being thankful for a perfect ‘today’ does not mean everything was as you wished, or that everything was positive and sparkling every second… it means that you know and you understand that everything there was, was the way it was for your highest good and(or) for a next step; it means that you appreciated the highs and lows because you understand that you created from the lows and you consciously did; it means that you did not left any possible negative thought take mind space without having cleared it for its better replacement thought; it means that what might have been less positive was only for you to pre-pave tomorrow with something you had deeper ready to come out, to create your tomorrow; it does not mean you did not have requests sent out to the Universe and you were only receiving greatness, but you understood your desire and requests and you made them; it means you truly appreciated everything that happened for what it was and is, and you can see why it was part of your today.

Being thankful for all that was in your day understanding why it was part of it, is that… a perfect today. So, all appreciations you understand and can see is what makes your today a perfect today.

It is knowing that today could have not been otherwise and that there is no lack in it. It is being appreciative for today being today because it can only be that.

As I was walking back home and quickly listing my appreciation of the day including all the creative and co-creating development from requests, it felt like a very perfect today. And I questioned how many people truly look at their today for what it is… today.

Make today one of those perfect todays.


Nathalie 🙂




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