Proactive and reactive energies

Rebelling is a survival skill. And the ego uses it whenever a survival (similar) energy is activated in your life. It uses it in sometimes incomprehensive places and situations in your life… situations where no life is in immediate danger…but you still feel its energy. It just does and you follow the feeling it brings/leaves you or not.

Your ego is your ally going through life showing you through your personal emotions and thoughts where personal adjustments are required… so you can learn your personal life lessons you are encountering in your now as your now goes, and so you can be in harmony with your inner self, be at peace with yourself, be one with your authentic self, enjoy life like it is supposed to be enjoyed.  Your ego is only showing you where you are in disagreement with your inner self that is ease, positive, harmony, satisfaction and love.

Rebelling when it is not in a surviving situation… is not accepting a simple solution that will create immediate peace.
It does not mean you follow the flock when you accept what is it to stop rebelling against. It means you see how you can be at peace and how you can positively be part of a better now and a better tomorrow. When you rebel it means you have a voice within that wants to be heard and that can help you make something better, and you do not listen to it on the how you personally can do that, so you rebel.  Instead of being proactive you are being reactive. Instead of using that energy to advance something or a cause for the better, you feel that energy and you follow your ego-based thoughts scattering that beautiful energy in negative places and situations… leaving you unhappy and worried and maybe drained.

When you rebel about something, it is your personal responsibility to acknowledge that some changes are necessary… in yourself and in your own life first… never about the life and situations of others. Your ego is your ally in telling you where changes are required. To be proactive requires you to be in harmony with yourself first.  Rebelling tells you where you are not in accord with your harmonious self. Only yours. The ego also likes speed of thoughts and exaggeration. It is like the drama queen in your self that always have a story that nobody else can see or have ever experienced.

Your ego can be your ally in designing your life path in following your emotions, your intuition, and your inspirations.  It can also be your adversary stirring you in directions keeping you off your harmonious path… yours, your daily life one, and keeping from seeing where you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Your responsibility is to recognize when it does exaggerate and when it is being a drama queen. Your responsibility is to recognize when what you rebel against is your ego being a little drama queen, because the funny thing is, when you love drama queens and believe a drama queen stories and you drink their stories like water from the fontaine de Jouvence, you want more of them, and you find yourself searching for more to keep being fed again and again.

It is your responsibility to say “Thank you ego I can take it from here, it is not a concrete survival situation even if might have or feel a similar energy, and I am not going to look at facts because I know under your influence, I will be searching for facts supporting your drama queen stories.”.

When you are under a rebellious energy or “false” surviving energy and you want out because it drains you and you now know it and can see it, you can just take yourself to a little retreat for a little while. A little retreat within, and on the path of joy. To keep yourself away from negative influences and to find within your harmonious place and your happy places. It is your responsibility to have fun and laugh and enjoy whatever you decide to do with/in your day. It can help your rebellious drama queen side of your ego to stop using the self-victimize train of thoughts you might like to share with others in any ways available to you. It is like telling you ego to sit down for a minute while you chill.

Do you believe in karmic energies, the energies your spiritual being carries in your psychic atmosphere? Then, I will tell you that sometimes, it can be one activated by some situations that only requires some letting go and clearing away. But that is another subject in itself. It could however “explain’ why some very intelligent people are being rebel in exaggeration or are seeing conspiracy in everything, it is a rebellious energy as well.

We are all following our path, it is our responsibility to design it, to co-create it harmoniously, the way harmony is for ourselves, with our inner self as life unfolds before us every day. Rebelling against something is walking away from our inner self as there are always positive ways to make a cause advance, positive ways to move forward. It is a personal choice you are now conscious of.

Enjoy the process of finding where you can be proactive instead of reactive!

Nathalie 🙂



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