Wrongdoings and progression

I was tag on an IG post about regrets of people treating you wrong. Their regrets. And as that post seems to be positive and hopeful for some, to me it has a revengeful energy, like wishing they will… understand and feel sad they did.

The thing is, it does not matter to you if they do or do not. But before you understand that, yes it might be helpful to heal some situations to think that you are not alone in this and the ones doing you wrong will also go through what you go through in some ways. It could be part of a start of a healing process for some or an awakening to their own understanding of their own feelings.

I am not a believer of regrets, but of understanding that some actions made were ego-based.

I am also a believer that some people do not know and will never know what they did wrong or how can they even have done what they did, because we are all tools for other’s progression… sometimes here and there… and it is a meeting of energies.

We are here for our own evolution therefore, those wrongdoings we might see or experience in our personal life are often the trigger points of a personal change, a personal evolution… in a better direction… in the right direction. And where one changes… the butterfly effect takes place.

So what matters is what you made out of that trigger point, for yourself, for your own life, for your own development and your own growth on your life path.

What matters is that you learn to see with your heart that all was for your own life path progression, to give you the push you maybe asked and were expecting it to be differently.

What matters is that you learn to see the positive from it and the positive is seen with love, that love part from it.

What matters is that you also see that the others doing you wrong in your perception have their own mind and trigger points as well.

Use that to learn to see with your heart and not your ego-based mind reacting to everything exponentially.

That is what breathe in and love out means… breathe in what is going on… understand/accept the why it is happening for your own growth and listen to your inspired actions… and love out your ways out of it.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂




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