The in between is the Now

The woman in me, that I am, does not like much the energies that I feel in the in between, which is often a little chaotic and sad. However, I have learned long time ago that in between is only the Now.  I like clarity. I like clear state of mind, clear state of heart.

The wise woman in me also knows that it is adaptation time and personal lesson time between what was and what is coming… therefore it is the what is now… the what is to accept, and the what is to love… for what it is, and not what it is not anymore… and the what is… is all about our own perception, and our own understanding of our personal responsibilities regarding our life and its evolution, our personal growth, and how flexible we are to adapt or not… and how reluctant or not we are to changes, personal changes and collective changes.

What I do like about this in between is to observe the openness behind every aspect. The openness or not, to adapt, to accept changes, to see differently than what our ego-based mind does when interfering with specific thoughts and beliefs, to change old patterns and ways of doing that do not fit the what is now, to understand that those same ego-based thoughts are there to make us aware of exactly where personal adjustments are necessary so we can be in harmony with ourselves, not others but ourselves… therefore others as well, but ourselves first. The openness or not to step out of our own way in accepting that the now contains some necessary changes for the next.

In the in between, it sometimes feels chaotic because it is not what it used to be, and we find ourselves one foot in the past and one foot in the future… or so it seems. This is what the ego-based mind pushes becoming a belief… that in between is chaotic and expecting the past to remain. There is not one foot in the past and one foot in the future… there is only two feet in the now, and that now is always very clear, never chaotic… when you stop looking in both directions, when you ground both feet in your now. A “collective chaos” or “dividing situation” is having one foot in the past and one foot in the future for many, all at once.

What is it in your Now that you do not accept? What it is in your Now that you do not want to adjust to? What is it in your Now that you are reluctant to change and(or) except for yourself and from others? What is it in your Now that makes you angry to change or upset to move forward with? Do you still have one foot in the past and one in the Now? Are you trying to have one foot in the future while you can only live your Now?

When you know that and accept that for yourself… you can easily see that it is the same for all the people around you… and each one goes at its pace for its personal reason. Some need more guidance than others, some are followers, and some are leaders, some are more open, and some are more rebel. It reflects who they are. Some can accept changes more quickly than others, and some can accept or not that others can take time to adjust to changes.

In your Now, it is not about what the others are doing or not, but about what you are doing. And sometimes it is okay to have blinkers, so you do not feed what is upsetting you in the changes that you are making yourself. Or you can also decide to put your head in the sand until the sandstorm passes because you prefer adjusting to that will be after the storm if it is easier for you that way.

Each one of us have a way to dealing and accepting living in the now, no matter what is going on in the world.

As an Intuitive Life Coach and a lover of History, I love how it reflects the individual. It is so beautiful to see. It is like seeing in slow motion a part of the History being made. It also makes me see that some people reading some historical facts and stories might not realize that it was never an overnight change, that people had to live and go through it often for a very long time before the facts were historically reported and written.

We have our own history to write and we have a collective one to write also because we are part of its Now.

I invite you to see it this way, it might ease your impatience and your negative emotions when going through changes from your past to your future, from the past to the future.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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