Like-minded friends

Having like-minded friends makes it easier to keep your integrity; to remain yourself, your true self.

You know those friends that are not sharing your personal vision and dreams necessarily, but the friends that you share the same vision about life, the same philosophy… which bring richness to your life and allow you to keep your integrity; to remain true to your authentic-self.

When you remain as authentic as you can be and when you do not change who you are or filter who you are with someone, that creates richness into yourself, your surrounding and your life.

Like-minded people are that. The ones that share the same ish vision about life. They are all over, you might not notice them at first because you might not open yourself enough to see them. They are all around you… so are the people who are not like-minded… and with who you might share really good times.

It is always up to you to feed the conversations you have with people no matter if they are sharing your vision of life or not. The more you open yourself without filter, the more you open your vision of life, the more you will see them… and sometimes, yes, the less you will see some other friends you use to spend time with.

Make sure you feed the right conversations…

Nathalie 🙂



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