The root of a wish

The root of your wish is the inner being part of it… that part of the wish that makes it true and desired and exciting to see it grow.

That part that does not put conditions on the where and when it will happen and become something, no matter the conditions… but it will happen at the right time, the right place… without going over its season as it knows it is something you wish in your now.

Trusting its Nature is a key as you might want to control where, you might want to control its environment… thinking that it is the only place it can become beautiful and perfect for you.

Once a while you might give it some a tiny wind of freshness, enjoying seeing it fly by you… and once a while you might lose track of it as it might be invisible to your attention… it is still flying away or growing somewhere… becoming the flourishing desire you allow to fly away with its root.

Keeping your eyes open, enjoying all the beauty of all there is, will make you see it has landed somewhere, it started growing or it is fully bloomed… depending on your personal awareness and openness to see its steps.

The root of wishes is that little inner being part that makes it alive… so make sure you are not killing it either before it flies away or on its way, or where it lands.

Enjoy the process of being aware of knowing the root of your desire to see what needs to stay alive and what can keep it alive.

Nathalie 🙂



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