Not without a “divine” reason

Once you accept that nothing happens without a reason, you can forgive…. Maybe to help you with this, you can even add “divine” reason which might help you understand that you do not always know the reason or not yet.

When you forgive, you allow what was and what is… to be. You allow love to shine over the situation and from the situation.

You allow yourself to trust that it was necessary for known or unknown reasons. You allow love to emanate from it because you free yourself from it and be the love that you are.

When you forgive you allow the pain to be set free, the pain that you feel deep within.

Take the time to look into what you do not forgive… and you can see what you do not accept with it, from it.

Take the time to see what you do not accept and why… from an ego-oriented belief… or beliefs… from being not flexible to learn your life lessons… from ___?

Ask for your inner guidance to help you with that non acceptation… ask to see it with a loving point of view so you can see and know what to do with it so you can forgive.

Enjoy the process as it is a very important one in breathing in, accepting what is and loving it out.

Nathalie 🙂



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