Look from a result standpoint

How often have you experienced something to realize you once wished for this… and also you might have forgotten about it? You once wished for this freedom or confirmation or feeling or love…

When you are in a situation and you might not be able to understand what is going on or why you are experiencing it… look at it with a different point of view… try to sum up what is going on, like making a list of what you can observe as being a result (what is happening)… and you will find when looking at it from a result point of view, from what is already happened and is… and not asking yourself where this is going… it was once something you wished for. Maybe a long time ago or maybe very recently.

Yes, being flexible can help you accept the fact that it might not be the way you wished it, but it still is.

Knowing this concept… the more you see that everything you are living is a wish you made, the more you will be able to do… more. It will be like being granted a wish card you carry in your pocket that you can use anytime you remember you can use it, and that card has unlimited usage.

Looking at things with a different perspective is how you can use that wish card.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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