A good decision

Sometimes when you feel you have a choice to make… there is no real choices except following your heart (or your ego).

In a choice making time, you might delay it thinking you lack information or that you need to find more ____ (fill in the blank) to make a good decision.

You do not “need” to find anything… you simply “need” to be aware that it is there when it is. And when you are aware of all that is… you will not even be searching for anything because you will be in your present moment, taking care of your now, enjoying your now… following your now… so you will not be searching for anything, therefore, you will not need to find anything… and you will see that there is no choice to even make.

An easy concept… that is not as easy to understand and live.

On the process to make this yours and own it and live it… sometimes you might get it… and feel like you lost it… and need some reminders here and there.

Things take time to be fully part of your way of being, thinking and doing, once you are aware of it.

Always be kind with yourself about the integration part.

Enjoy the process and always be teachable.

Nathalie 🙂




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