Avoiding and patience

Ask yourself… “What do I need to learn or get about this that is annoying me this much?” “Why can’t I seem to be able to let go of this subject or why does this conversation cannot seem to be over?” “What am I supposed to see from this, with this?” And do not ask someone else… ask within.

You might discover from this that it upsets you, it makes you angry… and that this strong feeling is the little boost you need to step up and say enough is enough… and be what makes you move into a new direction, or take a decision… that you were avoiding for too long… not listening to your inner guidance and inner voice.

Sometimes, being patient is good and sometimes you might mistake being patient about something with avoiding something else.

And the more you get upset about it… the more you can see you are avoiding it instead of being patient. There is a nuance here.

Take the time to see what you are avoiding today. It does not mean jump and be impulsive… it means be aware of it, ask inner guidance, strength and courage to stop being patient where you are asked to take an action. An action guided from within is always made from a loving place, a loving space… either for yourself or for the others.

Do not let the fear make you patient for the wrong reasons.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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