Your passion and your misalignment

Connecting with your emotions is not simply being aware of what you are feeling, but also understanding why you feel how you feel.

A misalignment in your being will create negative emotions and taking the time to connect with your guides, inner guidance or the ones you connect with, can help you hear the messages from which you can reignite the passion you have inside.

A misalignment is also you not following your passions. There are things you are not maybe trusting yourself or thinking you can do that later in life, or you might think you do not deserve to take the time for yourself and enjoying your passions… causing misalignment… therefore causing negative emotions… maybe piling up.

It might make you feel not worthy or guilty for wanting to follow your passion.

Make sure you are not drowning your passion under ego-based thoughts… so listen to your emotions and understand how to swim with ease to your passions.

You can ask your inner guidance to show you how and help you open the doors for you so you can enjoy effortlessly allowing yourself to enjoy those passions of yours in a healthy way.

Enjoy the process to clearly see what you are passionate about, what is making you feel love and use that loving energy.

Nathalie 🙂



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