Letting go before new phases

Many might feel they must enter a new phase of their life with a clean canvas, or a new blank page just like entering a new year, or a new relationship, or a new career… it is a collective idea to do a review, an introspection in order to see what to let go and what you wish for yourself and others for the what is to come… hopefully from where you are now.

It is good to have a reminder of such thing… yet, it is a daily process to let go not what is not serving your best interest, but what is no longer serving your greater good. Sometimes you might not be aware yourself what is in your best interest as you might still work on some life lessons to master and yes, some challenges will come in to help you learn them and also to help you state clearly what you desire.

When you learn to let go and recognize what to let go, the freedom becomes yours. You are freeing yourself of the unnecessary baggage that might have been useful when it was but is not useful for your next step.

A personal review to see all you have achieved and where you come from is good to help you see what was… that does not have to be in your now including beliefs and emotions. Don’t forget those… not only experiences and challenges and people.

Letting go means accepting that something was and is no longer… and that freedom you will feel from accepting it was and is no longer necessary will help you move on to the next whatever your next is… to move on to a new adventure or way of being waiting for you.

This is why at the end of a year, entering a New year, or entering a new phase of life, there is an energy of newness no matter where you are in your life cycle. And if you are at this newness personal place in your life cycle, letting go might even be easier for you than for others as willing as you to let go.

Today take the time to make sure you are not letting go because it is a collective idea you believe and like to follow, but you are letting go what you can accept to let go because that lesson is learned and you might only be holding on to it for the wrong reasons.

Nathalie 🙂




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