Your lightness of taking a detour

Trusting your intuition is trusting the ways your inner guidance will show you so you can meet your desires.

They are not always the ones you imagined… and this is why it is all about trusting your inner guidance because your inner being always knows how clear or not are some ways, the ones you might not see yet, and sometimes some detours are not negative ones at all because you are listening to your inner guidance that can see the whole plan and how the detour is the best route for now.

You know like when a very updated GPS can know where there is construction ahead and create a new route to get to the destination requested. Same thing… some things in your life are under construction.

Your lightness of taking a detour can indicate you how open you are to follow what is… that is for your highest good.

Enjoy listening to your inner guidance, it makes life so much easier and much more fun because instead of challenges you will have experiences to enjoy.

Nathalie 🙂



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