Make it happen

Making it happening mean you listen and follow your intuition and your inspired actions. To do that… you need to be connected to your highest self.

Make it happen is not you deciding what to do but you being ready to act as soon as you receive an inspiration, an inspired action. That is what making it happen is. You work at being prepared and opened to act. And one action lead to another.

Make it happen! Decide what you want and go for it. Co-create it and work with the best team. Trust your intuition and your inspirations; the ones you receive and not the ones you think will fasten the result, otherwise you might find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted and losing trust in yourself the possibilities.

Make it happen mean your focus is in the present moment… keeping your desire in mind.

Make it happen mean you are open to do all the necessary to see it through… remaining connected to your inner guidance.

Make it happen mean you are also letting go of what is in the way… either beliefs that no longer serves you, or whatever that does not match your desire… only you can define this whatever word.

Make it happen mean you feel your power in making it possible. You might feel energized and ready to conquer the world. You might feel your wings ready to support you and bring you where needed.

Some days, you might simply feel the need to sit down and evaluate and see what was done and enjoy that part. Enjoying it and being grateful for is is also part of the journey of making it happen.

Make it happen… connect yourself with your inner guidance and enjoy the ride!

Nathalie 🙂



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