Letting go and forgiving

How often did you let go from negative experiences and (or) negative emotions?

Until you forgive… the letting go is not completed.

The toxins from it are still active so you must forgive.

There are many places requiring forgiveness… the situation, the other people and yourself. There is also the fact that you might have thought you knew what was best, like if you knew the Universe’s plan. You might have thought that you knew better, the how to… your way.

Forgiving might have been taught to you in these words: “forgive others” when it is much more than this.

Forgiving is forgiving that you did what you knew with what you knew when you did… and so are the others… and so are the experiences allowing your evolution and growth on your life path.

You might not be aware of all the synchronicities in your life, of all the little things blocked by the missing forgiveness. Forgiveness allow an open heart view with a new and different perspective.

Do you forgive with conditions? Do you forgive some part thinking that it could have been different, or the person could have done something different despite of? This is not forgiving. Forgiving has no conditions.

Is it hard for you to see why you should forgive someone or a situation or even the Universe… thinking what you ask for or requested was legit but was denied… when in fact, that same response was to help you grow and practice forgiveness, and that same response might have been a redirection you refuse to see?

Everyone is a tool for someone else’s growth. This is amazing but often not seen. Looking with a forgiven heart help see that.

To let go… of whatever it is you need to let go of… for your own well-being… you must forgive… without conditions.

Nathalie 🙂



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