Without conditions

Loving without conditions is loving freely without having any conditions attached to your love.

Many might think conditions in the sense of what the other will do or not in order for you to love… but here it is about your personal conditions; the situation and the environment in which you feel you can love. The surrounding you place yourself into. The beliefs of your own personal perception of the conditions of love.

Do you think you can love only if…? Do you think you can love only when…? Do you think you can love only….? Fill in the blank. This is loving with conditions and it is like if you were exchanging your love with rocks that you carry in your own heart… and you might end up feeling like carrying a heavy heart making you believe that love is an outside conditional energy?

Putting conditions can be as silly as saying you will never like anything that is orange because you do not like that color! Yes, silly but guess what?  Replace the color example with your own personal example and you can find a few silly based conditions that might be easier to let go of.

Then go on with what you “can never love because…” with other beliefs that are blocking you from loving and that are conditions only you can release and overcome.

I invite you to take a little introspection of your love meaning and your love conditions list.

In doing so… be patient and be kind with yourself… it might help you release conditions for loving yourself as well.

Nathalie 🙂



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