Out of context

What you see is what you see when you look at it, the moment your eyes are on it. Not only it is from where you stand but also the precise second or seconds when you look at it… and then your mind creates an idea, a judgment from what you saw… most of the time.

I will give you an example here with the two images in this article. The first one on the top you might seem to see two birds flying away together. Two beautiful birds. And from that you might create a story… whatever you will let your imagination bring you. Do it for a second, tell yourself a few words about what you see.

In the second image here below, you can actually see the seconds before they both open their wings… the white bird chasing away the grey one.

Before that, I was sitting peacefully by the lake, and my new friend was watching me as I was watching him from afar. We were both silently in the present moment with a peaceful energy. We sat there for one hour. I was meditating and conversing with the Universe like I do often… and he was just there like a peaceful reminder of my energy I was in.

Then the other one came to disturb our peace. He did not do much, he simply landed not far, but not far enough and my friend chased him showing him out of our bubble… which he did before we got back to our peaceful energy.

Since I was taking pictures before meditation, my camera was right next to me, so I was able to capture what was happening and this is the perfect example of… it is always what you see in the second you see it. Not having been in meditation, I would have maybe seen two birds either flying or fighting… out of context. That experience contained a completely different message for me as I was the one meditating when that happen but…

How often do you find yourself seeing or judging something out of its context?

How often do you see something and immediately have your Ego take over with thoughts?

It is not always what you see… it is what you see when you see it.

Nathalie 🙂



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