Comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone will push you to take actions. Those same actions might be unknown to you and going by the book could be a good option… if such option is available.

It could simply mean that you could do things in a certain order, so you do not scatted yourself all over while learning to be out of your comfort zone and it can help you feel somehow stabilized in this new you out there.

Stepping out of a comfort zone means you put yourself in an unknown situation.

You can do that into your personal life, and you can also do that in your business life.

In your personal life, it might ease a certain anxiety to think that when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can always step back where you were or almost, so it is a little like putting your foot in the water and if you do not feel secure or if you do not like it, you just take it out and back.

Business wise…  it might be a whole other story since you might have taken risks and stepping back in business is not as easy as in your personal life. You might not be the only one involved… even if you are self-employed or you might have moved on and what was is no longer there… or… you can fill in the blank…

Putting yourself out there in the unknown create openness and allow transformation. You open yourself to make it happen. You open your business to grow. You allow more to step into your life… you walked through an open door and there is a whole world out there available.

You might find yourself practicing “Faith it, until you make it” (see in previous post) a little more and at some point you might have to practice all that you have learned about that to see yourself through and entering a new stable and secure space after that unknown, where you will find yourself back into a new comfort place that grew from being out of your older comfort zone.

Life is a cycle and between cycles there are a lot of comfort zones.

Nathalie 🙂



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