What about your convictions?

Once a while, it is good to look at your convictions and see if they still math you and what you desire.

Your convictions are your beliefs you hold on to firmly… often mixed with the Ego created convictions.

You go through life with some convictions maybe not really aware of their origin, but you can take an inventory and see if they match your heart… if they match who you are.

In doing so, do not let fear keeping you from moving forward releasing the ones that no longer matches you.

In doing so, make sure your fear is not making you walk away of what your heart desire.

Resetting your convictions can help you moving on.

You can trust your intuition and your inner guidance to clear away and refresh the button on your convictions.

Following your dreams and following your intuition can help you see which ones are the good ones… the ones that take the heaviness off your shoulder; the ones that make you feel the lightness of your heart… the ones that matches loving yourself and being good to yourself.

Being good to yourself does not mean you do not care for others. It means you know that you are not responsible for someone else’s happiness and life as they have convictions of their own… and maybe their convictions keep them from being happy.

Everyone needs a conviction decluttering once a while.

Start with your own… it is the only one you can do.

Nathalie 🙂



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