Everything is a personal perception

When you look at something, it is the way you perceive it as it is a personal perception therefore, what you look at, it not exactly the way you see it as the other person next to you might have a total different perception of the same thing or scene you are looking at.

When you look at something, it is the way you perceive it… at that moment.

Your emotions, your energy, your vibration of the moment makes the view you have.

It is not only the focus point, but the whole inner you that you are that becomes the view you have.

What you see can be beautiful or can have a distorted perception… depending on your experience, your knowledge, you age, your education, your cultural environment, your familial environment…. all that you are is part of your perception.

Judging takes it sense here as all of the above creates the judgement you can have toward something or someone or some place.

Be wise enough to clarify your thoughts when you feel a negative perception of something. Maybe it is a sign telling you that your self-awareness is in need of attention and maybe needs a little upgrade.

Do not limit yourself to what you see in a few seconds, but more about what you feel. Use that moment to open yourself to limitless possibilities.

Be open minded and be curious about everything.

Everything you look at is not exactly as you see it. It is as it is, as your personal perception makes it to be.

Nathalie 🙂



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