Inside out

When you quiet your mind, your external conditions will calm down as well.

When you quiet your mind, you feel peaceful inside, your energy is of a peace and Zen one… and it affects the energy you feel outside of yourself.

When you quiet you mind in a chaotic environment., maybe things will still be chaotic but you might not feel it as your focus point and your attention will not be on what is chaotic but on what is peaceful. And it might not be chaotic for a long time as your environment will respond to your inner energy.

When there is no way for you to quiet your mind… for all the possible reasons this can be… look for the environment that you are in. Is it a toxic one? If so, look for what you can do to quiet your mind and what you can change to have a better success at quieting your mind. Often, what keeps you for having a quiet mind is to bring you some awareness of things you need to change, leave or let go.  

Your external conditions serve many situations… it can indicate how you feel and bring you some awareness on what to work on to be a better version of yourself. It can indicate what is out of balance as you have different desires. It can indicate that you are avoiding some actions from negative Ego mind reasons. It can also indicate numerous reasons but for sure, a discordant surrounding energy will indicate that you do not have a quiet mind.

You can work on some issues and it might ease your way to have a quiet mind.

You can also work this from inside out… quieting your mind first.

When you quiet your mind and succeed at it, your outside conditions will start changing, some with inspired actions and some miraculously and effortlessly. It might not always be the way you would have done it but there is always a reasons for something to be done a certain way… remember that your free will is not the only one involved and your life lessons are not the only one to be learned as each one have their own from the same situation or what appears to be the same situation.

When you quiet your mind, your external conditions will calm down as well. Trust the process… which is very simple: “Inside Out”.

Nathalie 🙂



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