Surfing the wave of a creative energy

When you go through a creative day, it can be a day of many accomplishments.

You also face way more possibilities when you co-create.  Try to catch yourself when your inner dialogue starts wandering into doubts. Try to stop the momentum when you catch yourself into a negative mind set, thinking about what you are not doing and could be doing instead of being grateful for all you are doing and all that is being done, and instead of being joyful about all that you do that is working and going well.

You can trust that you have a solid foundation or are working to solidify that foundation and there is no reason to be afraid as you are exactly where you are supposed to be… for your greater good… and others. You always are.

When you go through a creative energy, when you feel it influences your day… surf the wave… even if it is not on your schedule… and by allowing yourself to be creative in the ways you will allow it… you might find all that you had on your planning either miraculously done or not necessary anymore… as so many time we fill in the daily schedule with our must-do mind, our Ego mind.

By allowing yourself to be creative and to surf the wave, it means also that when the wave is no longer surfable, let go and do not push it… you do not need to wait for the next wave… you can then just go on with the other tasks or with the new inspired actions you received while you were allowing creativeness into your day, while you were enjoying the wave to carry you through.

Allowing such a way of being also build strength… or increase your strength as you learn to trust your intuition and trust your inner voice.

Allowing more creative days to go this way might surprise you on how many mountains you can move and how many miracles you create and allow to come in.

Nathalie 🙂



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