The Artist in you

When you co-create, the Universe will bring you the ideas.

When you co-create, the Universe will open doors.

When you co-create with the Universe, it will ease your alignment so you can be the artist you are meant to be.

Each one of us in an artist… it is one of your mission to discover the artist in you. The artist that is the one painting the life the way you wish it goes.

It does not matter how it was before you discover that artist ability you have, once you find that part of you, it is like if you were facing a new canvas and now all you have to do is create a new painting.

Guess what? You have an unlimited supply of canvas.

Some people do not see of feel one once of artistic ability in themselves… because they are limiting their perception of it to big creative things and skills that others have… instead of looking into their own creation and their own skills.

This is about being the artist of your own life, but to give you simple examples of artistic ability one might think they do not have when thinking about artists… there is the mother who likes to cook homemade meals for her children, there is the person who likes to set up a cute table for meals, someone who like gardening,  there is the office worker enjoying matching the clothes before going to work, or the lady liking to put a certain color hair clip in her hair… you see what I mean? In a daily life routine, there are some things that are being done artistically and you never put that into that king of category.

This being said… you also do those simple things with your personal growth… bringing you to an awareness of yourself and your environment differently that if you were not following those desires and those inner guidance… you are an artist.

The more you will work with your inner guidance and the Universe energy, the better artist you become. The more you will see the canvas in front of you to create what you desire. You will start painting your life and the Universe will bring you the color palette to make it beautiful as it can be… with colors that you might have never seen.

Nathalie 🙂



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