Solid foundation

If you Google the meaning of a solid foundation, you will find many significations and you can even find steps to building a solid foundation.

Each signification will have its direction about what should be a solid foundation depending of the subject of the article.

Have you ever thought about your own foundation, your personal life foundation and your personal “self” foundation?

Take a moment to think about how you define your foundation? Does it come easy to you to define such an important part of yourself?

Can you go through life without crumbing when a challenge or an experience comes shaking your ground and who you are? Do you get back up easily? Do you connect with your highest self to keep going no matter what?

Those are few signs you can use to know how solid is your foundation… or not.

How do you solidify your personal foundation? No matter what your belief system is, you might have to work with your inner guidance and your highest self. It is a personal work in progress building… through experiences, through challenges, through personal awareness and personal growth.

The better your connection with your highest self is, the more solid your foundation will be.

Some might think they have a solid and strong foundation, but they are living within so many limitations and with so many boundaries, that nothing comes shaking them therefore they think their foundation is solid.

Some might think they have a solid and strong foundation, but they never get shaken in any way to confirm it and they do not go towards their dream… not moving anything… and when something happens, they don’t understand how they can feel so “demolished”.

Your foundation is what you build yourself upon. It is how you create yourself and what you create yourself from.

Having a strong and solid personal foundation is knowing that your true self is aligned with your highest self and that no matter what happens, you remain true to yourself and you know how to redirect yourself and how to course correct.

Building a strong and solid foundation is work in progress and it is building it block by block. You can ask your highest self what block needs solidification, and which one should be added for a better you. Be alert of the answers you might get as they might come in challenges to help you build or solidify that block.

Working with your highest self to build your foundation will always make it stronger… and stronger.

Nathalie 🙂



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