Thank you Ego

Once you understand that your Ego is your best teacher, cohabitation can become a little easier.

It still might take years to reach harmony after you realize such a thing… if you ever do.

One day, when facing another challenge, a very difficult situation in your life in which you will not have any negative emotions, but a certain contentment of knowing you are facing a life lesson and there is nothing to be prevented from but more something to be learning from, and when in that precise moment, that awareness makes you joyful, you will be able to honestly say: “Thank you Ego, I can take it from here.”

Our Ego is the part of our brain that analyses everything in order to protect us and stay in a comfort zone.

Our Ego is the judging part of our brain making all the possible scenarios to either protect us or to know a possible ending, because knowing how it could go or end is easier than the unknown.

Ego is a little like a telenovelas, you know those stories easy to create and nourished by adding thoughts after thoughts and possibility after possibility… going from one feeling to another?

Mastering a cohabitation is a step by step process. Being aware that something is going on one of them.  Understanding that the Ego plays a big role in our thinking process is another one. Another one is thinking that taming the Ego is possible; instead of serving the Ego… let the Ego be of services.

In fact, taming our Ego is actually being more aware of our thoughts and learning which ones are from the Ego playing the protection game and creating scenarios.

There is nothing to tame, it is more a learning process of cohabitation as the Ego’s job is to make us aware of what needs to grow into ourselves and also tell us when we are not aligned with our inner guidance and our authentic-self.

Further down the cohabitation lane will come awareness of blessings in disguised and lessons in disguised, where everything is a beautiful lesson or beautiful present moment and maybe you will know when your Ego is trying to take over the moment it does, instantly.

Until one day you will be able to say: “Thank you Ego, I can take it from here.” not because you do not need your Ego, because it will always be there to teach you lessons or to see if you are mastering it once a while, with a little hello here and there… until it doesn’t, to gently show that you can handle it without nourishing the negative.

Nathalie 🙂



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