Leap of faith

When things seem to go round and round, looking at what is with a new perspective will give options to help stop such a recurring pattern.

Looking from a distance is a very good way to see differently. Becoming the observer of your own situation, without emotions, with a neutral point of view can open to what you could not see from within the situation.

It may not be an easy task to be an observer of your own story, but it is possible.

For the ones not too experienced or good at this but open to try something new, you could, for example, pretend to tell the story to someone else, like if it was not your own story. In doing this, you would be more prompt to tell it without the emotions involved.

Listen to what you are saying while doing this exercise can bring a new awareness of what is going on and shine some light on that new perspective you were looking for to move forward.

You might then feel the need to take a leap of faith towards the next step as you might be inspired to do something differently and that “differently” may be unknown to you.

Taking a leap of faith requires courage.

Taking a leap of faith requires you to listen to your inner guidance constantly for every step.

Taking a leap of faith will help you follow your heart and your soul’s desire.

With each step you will take, a new one will appear in front of you. Yes, sometimes the next one takes a little longer than desired, but it is always there and showing up in time.

This is when many tend to take control and might be missing the opportunity, they sort of ask for in the first place.

Taking a leap of faith seems risky and it might be risky but taking a leap of faith will make you break out of the cycle and move forward, towards what you dream of or wish for or are destined to be.

Taking a leap of faith is trusting the unknown.

Nathalie 🙂



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