Challenges are part of your journey. They are the variables that can make it tough to reach a goal, to finish a project, to grow…

Challenges are there to teach and help grow wiser. They are lessons, life lessons.

Controlling the way through challenges is not letting go and it is using your free will to make it happen the way you decide despite the conditions and the lessons that might not be desired at that moment.

The variable is that… a variable. It is what all the conditions and surrounding at that precise moment makes it to be.

Some challenges seem to be repeating themselves, but in fact the variable makes it different, bringing you to a different level of awareness or possible awareness.

Challenges are lessons in disguised.

Variables can be compared to different teachers trying to make you see something with different views and options and situations to enlighten you in the way you will pay attention and stop to look, listen and learn.

Free will is the variable that makes it all tough to get just because you want to control the way.

And the Universe is variable limitless, it will never stop trying to teach you to be a better you, it will never give up on you to help you to reach your authentic-self.

Nathalie 🙂



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