You created your beliefs

Do you know how you created your beliefs? You know the things you believe being true, not because someone told you, but because you experienced something once, and during that experience, you saw things, you felt things, you thought things, and all of those are becoming associations in your mind that were true to you at that moment because you saw and felt them, therefore they were true to you without any doubts not knowing that it is only one perception among many possible perceptions.

And while those seemed to be true to you when they happened, or when you remember them, they are only true because of the associations you created without all the facts, only yours, and also because your ego-based mind interfered by making these associations a true belief to better help your future similar experiences.

It is the role of your ego to protect you, but there is not always a real danger to be protected from like when men lived in caves, so its protective role takes what it can in your now life to fulfill its role. That ego-based mind “true belief” is either becoming or added to your life values you create for your life journey.

And once adult, while your ego’s role is still to help you survive, it is most of the time using inaccurate data because it relies on old facts and data, which remember, are created from one perception among many possible perceptions.

It is our task to update those data in our database, our subconscious. This is what Inner work is.

For example, once I was brought back to a childhood memory in which I was asked to be patient, and I saw that patience pays off “when I waited long enough”, even when it seemed endless at some point because when I was patient long enough about seeing someone, that someone was always showing up. And this was telling me that all things come to a good end if we keep waiting, even if it is years later.

And this simple yet ego-based mind association I made then, made me be the most patient person I know in my life, and it is a great quality people also see in me, because I can wait for hours and hours without any negativity, yet, this marvelous quality made me one never fully tapped into my Inner power thinking that if it is the Divine’s plan, it will happen according to this plan, which was putting my Inner Power outside of myself and not making me the Divine powerful co-creator that I am.

This was on one end a blessing, and on one end a resistance of me believing that I have anything to do with the Divine timing.

Does this resonate with you in any way?  Are you one believing that being patient is only a quality or is only you waiting for a Divine timing?

Even at that age I was also intelligent enough to see that this being patient for people not showing up, or showing up on their own terms and time, was putting me in a position of not being a priority, so not coming first into other’s life. And although I was truly loved and taken good care of, with the perception I had then, these people had their own life to live “before” acknowledging me and wanting to spend time with me, which made me again associate in my ego-based mind that I was not a priority in anyone’s life even when loved, or not being loved enough to be a priority.

Does this resonate with you?  Are you one that believes that the people only caring and enjoying their life first means that they don’t love you or love you enough?

We are the most important person in our life, so how could we expect others to not follow the same principle, believing that if we are not a priority, they don’t love us or not enough? And what about the guilt of not making someone else our priority knowing we truly love them? Same ego-based belief.

To give you one more example about how we create our beliefs, I was also taught that not asking and demanding anything is being good like many of us were taught, and to me this was not spoken in words but it is the association I made again then when we had to be happy with what was, and making do with what was possible to afford from what I was witnessing, like many children experienced, and by being rewarded with something that I loved, yet was so cheap to buy, that it made me happy and satisfied to just have enough, not seeing that is was almost nothing and that I was “accepting” believing happy with less was true happiness.

This is how beliefs are created. And those beliefs have great impacts on our daily life until we can reverse them when they are limiting us.

Inner work is an endless process. I already knew this about myself and my beliefs, but because I never saw the root of when I created those beliefs, I was never really fully able to release them and replace them with new data making me say today that I am a patient person because I know not to follow my ego-based thoughts, but I am also powerful in asking what I know is good for me, for my life, for my well-being, for my joy when I want it, because I do not have to wait for anything or anyone to be happy with more joy and more ease and more well-being, or more love. Not because I am not grateful and happy now, but simply because I can ask for more of what I love.

I can tap into my Inner power because it has nothing to do with being patient or not, with being a good girl or not, with being a priority or not, with being loved or not.

The perception I had then created associations and beliefs that were data added to my subconscious mind that played out throughout my life, growing up and once adult.

We all have those false beliefs we carry and keep active in our database, our subconscious from emotional associations. It is our task to find them, to transmute their energy, to delete them, to release them and to replace them with new ones if we want to tap into our Inner Power and release our resistance to do so.

And because I am at ease being endlessly patient, and endlessly grateful, and loving unconditionally, it kept me from using my Inner Power because I believed that when you use your Inner power you are affirming what you want so you are demanding and asking and commanding, which was kind of opposite to being patient and being a good-girl.

This reminds me of the book “Your Aladdin’s lamp’ by Ernest Holmes, because even though I know my Genie is within, God or Source within me with its infinite power is right there, and even though I am granted many wishes, those false beliefs are the obstacles that kept me from being able to have faith and reach my lamp and ask something related to those false beliefs that were not yet released.

I find it so beautiful when we can lift up any ego veil. And the beauty is every time we lift one up, it allows us to see another one behind slowly making this Divine Inner Power more and more accessible whenever we want.  This brought an image in my mind like the fewer veils, the better the wind can lift them up allowing access once a while to that beautiful Genie within, but to have a full access regardless of the wind, it is always better to not have any veil at all, hence the importance of our Inner work.

Today I am inviting you to assess the heaviness and thickness of your veils, your ego veils, by taking the time to think of the easiness, or not, of creating your dreams and desires. I am not talking about ego-based dreams, but the ones you feel inspired to follow and achieve.

I am also inviting you to allow yourself to be helped with your Inner work, because often this is something people are not opened to at first, not wanting to either share with others or afraid of feeling negative emotions not knowing how to deal with them. Those emotions all have messages you simply never opened, and once the message is read, they do not need to stay longer than that, and they even do not need to ever come back into your life. Being vulnerable is not being weak, it is being strong from within and learning from within. Only an ego-based belief makes being vulnerable a negative thing.

Take the time to assess your ego-based veils, so you can collaborate with your Soul better or better collaborate.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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