Not feeding the doubts vs forcing a belief

Very often, stress can come in when we are “working” at believing that everything will be okay because that might require a positive or more positive mindset than the one we find ourselves in.

Sadness might emerge from that. Memories of previous similar situations might resurface. Heaviness of the mind and the heart can be felt because it might be hard to see through the clouds or the tears.

Have you ever experienced something like that? Have you ever found yourself thinking about the situation you are in, and wishing deep down that you are not repeating something that had a negative outcome or one that was not fun to deal with as the “deadline” was approaching?

You know the saying “why make it simple when you can make it complicated”? When you are trying to get out of your own way by being positive, you might be forcing yourself to believe something instead of simply not feeding the doubts.

It is not about believing and forcing yourself to believe, but about not feeding the doubts. There is a beautiful nuance here. A different action. One that opens to miracle. One that opens to an instant uplift of energy.

To gain mental health or to reprogram a pattern, an ego-based mind pattern… try to step away from it instead of adding new input to your thoughts. Just like when someone does not listen or understand, what would be the point to repeat the same thing or say it louder, thinking it will make a difference? Instead of telling yourself over and over something positive you might not get and believe because the mindset does not allow you to do so, just step away. It is not about being right or wrong with your thoughts. It is not about speaking or thinking louder to cover the thoughts. It is about stepping away from the ones that are not helping your mood and your mental state, your mindset.

Stepping away means not feeding the thoughts. Not feeding the doubts. It means getting busy with something else. It means taking care of your energy flow present in your psychic atmosphere.

Take the time to observe yourself and feel the difference of outcome when you are forcing yourself to believe that all will be okay and simply not feeding the thoughts making you think otherwise.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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