The Now and the future now

Have you ever experienced or noticed that sometimes you know the plan, you know the big picture, but you still find yourself questioning what is the now? Like saying “I know where I am going, I know my desire or my goal, I can see it, but what’s now or now what?

One thing about that question is that it is not really about the now but the future or the future now. It is like looking at the next step or going at it one step ahead… which is not the now. The present moment, the real now is not the next step. The next step is not the now step which is often implied in that question.

The now step is always available to us. Sometimes we might need to listen a little better and sometimes that step might not seem linked to any plan. This might be when some might ask about the next step because they cannot see the accurate one… before, or they do not understand that maybe not doing anything is what is required for the next step to unfold. Self-care is also part of the steps.

Whatever you can do now is always visible or available. Always. Meditate on it when you cannot stop your mind from searching. Yes, the ego-based mind might make you search for the following step. And this might leave you believing that you are not knowing about what to do or where to go or which action to follow.

Think about it!

What you can do now is always, but always available to you. When it is not, it simply means that it is not the now step.

Nathalie 🙂



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