Stepping out of your shadow

The whole planet has been given what so many people from all over the world have been asking for years and even generations… time, possibility, a step back to better continue, a moment to find peace without pressure, to practice peace, an opening of helping one another with kindness, to seek within for Love as more and more are aware of that power within.

The whole planet has been given enough time for people to make changes, to create new habits and for many to be more down to earth and adopt such lifestyle because they wished to learn how to breathe freely again without voluntarily changing their habits.

The whole planet has been given a gift of a break of what was… to create something different.

We were all given a gift of time, all of us at the same time, all over the world. Isn’t it a beautiful perspective?

It has been a while now… Did you hear it? Did you hear that call? Did you listen to your desires and Inner Self through fun and difficulties?

Did you create new better habits or have you been fighting to keep older ones? Did you follow your heart or your Ego-based thoughts and beliefs… your Ego that does not like changes?

Sometimes it is easier to stay in the shadow and dream of a bright sky. And there is nothing wrong with observing when it is part of your learning.

How about reaching within for strength and invisible help while you are there instead of feeding the negative of what you see, and the what if(s)? Have you tried?

Yes again… did you create new better personal habits or have you been fighting to keep older ones?

Coming out of the shadow to fly can be done on your own timing… make sure you do not let your Ego keeping you from crossing that line… and even there… it is part of the learning in progress.

But once you know this…

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 😊



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